Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's been a while!'s been a while. There are a ton of pictures that I haven't been able to get on to share yet so I am just going to do so all in one post. The end of October and early November have been so busy. I've done 4 book fairs and 2 booth events and still have 3 more book fairs and 2 home parties in the next 3 weeks. UGH! So, between prep and putting in all the daily stuff like playing with my boys has kept me from blogging. But I am least for tonight. :-)

So to start off we have Bennett, our little apple theif. He loves to take the apples we have picked from our trees, take a few bites and then throw them to Abbey...who is an apple addict. Go figure. Never seen a dog eat so many apples. Plus they are fun to chase and we have so many apple trees that they are convenient to throw when there are no balls around. This is what I had left in the garage after all the picking we did from the trees on our property. It's lovely. We don't really do anything to our trees yet we always have a bountiful harvest of apples. With already about 30 jars of sauce in the cubboard and 4 more boxes still to deal with we definitely have plenty!

Next is our little man playing in the dryer. I know not so safe but Bennett had followed Erik into the bathroom and as soon as he emptied the dryer Bennett climbed in so he had to run and grab the camera. I was off at one of my Usborne events and he wanted me to see how funny Bennett was being! So, not too bad right! :-)

And I just want to say here...Thank goodness for Autosave on Blogger. I just accidentally deleted this whole thing and it saved most of what I had typed already. I was starting to panic there!
The weekend before Halloween we went on a Halloween train ride down in Unity. It was the boys first time on a train. They had so much fun. They got to dress up and everything...which was good because I forgot the camera on Halloween! So here are a few shots from the train ride.

Mr. Bennett...the cutest little pumpkin EVER!

And here is Aiden...our little Pirate!

These next few pictures are from last week. It had gotten down below freezing during the night so there was a frost on the ground and the sun doesn't hit the front of the house much this time of year so it was still pretty frosty. Erik had been putting away all the summer toys and lawn chairs, etc. and decided he might as well bring down the sleds. Aiden brought this around front and I thought to tie a rope to it and pull them around. THEY LOVED IT! I only pulled for a short while and then passed it off to daddy to do the hard work. :-)

Big brother had to help pull Bennett around. And Abbey didn't want to be left out either. She chased along after everyone. Good exercise for all involved.

Aiden gets his turn!
We are currently in the process of having our roof redone. We had a little leaking last winter and our roof is just shy of 20 yrs old so we figured now was the time to do it. Here is a shot of Tim (our roofer) working on the front side (everything else is done, including the breezeway) and Mr. Bennett tramping on the pieces of roofing! It is going to look so nice once it is finished! And especially once the shingling is done to. For those of you who don't know we had this terrible log siding on originally (still on the back and side that you cannot see in this picture. Those sides are scheduled to be finished next summer.). We are loving the shingles so far and are looking forward to the roof being done. We also just found out about a very low interest loan (around 1%) that you can get to improve the energy efficiency of your home in ME. It includes an energy audit and everything so we are going to look into that after the first of the year as we would like to reinsulate with a spray foam insulation and we also want to redo our windows and doors with ones that are more energy efficient. We will keep you all posted on how that goes!

And last but certainly not least here is Abbey loving on Bennett. You can't really see if but Bennett had ahold of both of her ears in this photo and she is just licking away at his face and as you can imagine...he is laughing hyterically!

So...sorry it took so long but here you go. I will try to stay more up to date in the future.
I may not be back until after the holiday as I have a bunch of orders that need to get in for Usborne and a ton of cooking and baking to do for Thanksgiving! We are headed to MA for Wed-Fri. case I am not on again...Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We all have so much to be thankful for!