Friday, May 16, 2008

What I Know NOW About Motherhood...

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I've decided to take part in the "What I Know Now..." blog bash going on over at Notes From My Nest. Great blog. I would definitely suggest checking it out! So...what is the "What I Know Now..." blog bash all about. is about sharing wisdom between mom's. What you need to do is share a quick post about something you didn't know before you were a mom...that you know now. Easy Peasy right.

Now I need a favor. I have volunteered to be a table hostess. I need at least 5 of you mom's out there that blog (and if you don't yet you should totally get started!) to share a post about what you didn't know before you were a mom that you know now. And there are PRIZES for doing this. Check out Notes From My Nest to get a sneak peak at a few of the prizes. What I need you to do is post a comment here with the link of your post about "What I Know NOW..." and I will share the posts of everyone at my "table." And if you get this to me by May 2nd you get 2 entries into the drawing for free prizes! Wow!!

Now...onto my own "What I Know Now..."

There are so many things I didn't know before I was a mom, it's hard to limit it. I didn't know how much I would love them. I mean I knew I'd love them but you just can't imagine before they lay that little baby in your arms that you really will be willing to lay your life down without a moments hesitation.

I didn't know I would be such a non-traditional parent. By that I mean I nursed my babies well into their second year (and would have gone longer if they hadn't weaned themselves), coslept (and still do), baby wear, non-vax, no-cir, home birthed, plan to homeschool, etc. We have definitely been blazing a new trail within our family and our community with some of our practices.

I also never knew I'd go from being a career minded feminist to a happy stay at home mom! I cannot imagine anyone taking care of my kids full time except ME.

Those are the major things. There are so many more! We each have our own so please share with me yours!


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Time for another Tiny Talk Tuesday! I don't have much for this week. I am actually going to share something that Bennett has been doing for a while but I completely forgot about last week. He did it again the other day so it reminded me to share.

I am not quite sure where he got this from but he started a few weeks ago coming up to us, grabbing one of our hands and say "Nice to meet you Mama." And he will do it over and over and over again. It is just too cute.

Aiden is spending a lot of time reenacting some of the shows he likes to watch. Especially the Backyardigan's. He loves to play cowboys & pirates and is always saying things like "partner" or "captain." He will occassionally refer to all of us as Captain (i.e. Captain mama, Captain Bennett, etc). Too funny!

Share some of the funny things your kids are saying over at Not Before 7.

Tackle it Tuesday

I've decided to start participating in the Tackle it Tuesday meme over at 5 Minutes for Mom. I am hoping this will get me motivated to get through a lot of things that need to get done around here. Today's tackle (or this week really) will be clothes. Not just laundry...although that will definitely be part of it. We have a ton of clothing just lying around the house that hasn't been put away in forever. Away it needs to go!!

Below are a few photo's of areas that need attention due to out of control clothing!

First is my wardrobe. It's a mess. Not to mention I have a bunch of shirts with stains that need to be tossed.
More clothing that just needs to be sorted and put a way.

Laundry needing sorting and putting away in our bedroom.
And the mountain of clothing in the boys bedroom that needs dealing with. We just got a BIG bag of clothing for Aiden from a friend. Most of it is long sleeve and pants so it needs to be put away for fall and winter.
And here are the totes with the 2T summer stuff for Bennett and 3 & 4T summer stuff for Aiden. Need to empty out their drawers of winter stuff and put this stuff in. Plus there is 18 month + stuff in this pile that needs to be sorted into keep (for next child or to hand down) and get rid of.
And last but not least I have laundry on the line that needs to be folded, sorted and put away, I have a load of laundry that needs to be hung, Diapers that need to get into the washer and another 1-2 loads of laundry in clothing hampers to get to the bathroom. Busy laundry day today!

I'd better get busy! It is already after 10am. I've been baking these yummy breakfast cookies(recipe courtesy of Heavenly Homemakers) this morning and the house needs to be straighten up a little. And can't forget to get out all the needed ingredients for dinner tonight!
I will post after pictures next Tuesday so check back then! And please share what you plan to tackle this week over at 5 Minutes for Mom! Enjoy this fabulous spring weather!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

I slacked on the menu again last week. We didn't make quite a few of the recipes in the plan, including the breakfast cookie recipe or the Mother's Day Muffin's from Heavenly Homemakers. I am hoping to try both of these again. At least the breakfast cookies. I am also going to try to write out my menu plan and hang it in the kitchen so I can actually see it more often.

A few of the things from last week will be carried over to this week. This is also a slightly crazy week as I have a booth scheduled from 9am-9pm on Friday and a Doctor's appointment on Wednesday night. So those will be easy nights. Maybe something in the crockpot...

Tuesday - Cheesy Beef & Rice thanks to Heavenly Homemakers. Try again from last week.

Wednesday - Pasta and sauce

Thursday - Roast a Whole Turkey still in the freezer from last season.

Friday - The Spud Special Soup thanks to Keeper of the Home

Saturday - Arroz Con Pollo with leftover Turkey instead of chicken.

Sunday - Pizza on the Grill

Have a great week everyone! Pray that I can keep to my plan better this week!!