Saturday, September 8, 2007

Our Day Today

Today...started off great, got a little sticky in the middle and then ended fabulously!

As some of you may know I've recently started an at home business with Usborne Books. What earn money selling books. For anyone who does know me well, I'm a book junkie. I LOVE books. So...I am loving this job. The boys and I went to Newport to set up a table at the craft fair at the Fall Festival in town.

Like I said the morning went well. The boys were great. I got a few good leads. Then Aiden wanted to go in the bounce house. So, in he went and after just a few minutes the motor on the pump for the bounce house died and down came the roof right on top of Aiden and the other kids in the house. Needless to say I had a very upset and frightened 3 yr old on my hands once we were able to extract the kids.

Shortly after that we decided to leave and head home to Plymouth, were they were having a little town day. Both the boys were starting to get tired but I decided to stop anyway. They were doing a Pig Scramle (for you city folk that might read this...a Pig Scrample is when they let a pig loose and all the kids try to catch it and first one to catch it gets to take home the pig) and Aiden wanted to chase the pig. So, I paid our $5 and everyone got ready to chase the pig...well poor Aiden barely got into the pen when someone had already caught that pig. He didn't even get to chase it. Melt down number 2 on my hands. He cried and cried about not being able to catch the pig. He kept telling me how sad he poor little boy.

At that point I decided it was time to head home because we were all getting tired, which was another reason for Aiden to be upset. And unfortunately because I was also hot and tired I didn't handle the whole situation as well as I could have so it ended up with lots of crying. I feel so guilty when he is saying things like,"Momma please stop doing that"or "I don't appreciate when you are doing that Mom." It just breaks my heart. And thankfully it doesn't happen often as we really do try to parent in a very mindful way.

How perfect it was when we got home and decided to all lie down and rest and he put his arm around my neck and put his little nose right up to mine and told me he loved me. He is such a loving, joyful little boy!

We ended the day playing in yard with the boys swimming in their little pool. Probably one of the last times that will happen this season! The cold weather is coming!

And a few photo's to share from this afternoon.

Welcome to our life!

So...I decided to start a blog. I've been wanting to do this for a while. More for myslef than for anyone else. Life is going by way to fast and I don't want to forget all those little moments! So, here goes my attempt at blogging.

Who are we? A small family, living on a small hobby farm in small town Maine. We spend our days trying to live life as best we can and I am sure you will learn much more about that and us as I continue with blogging...if I continue! LOL.

Enjoy! And share your comments. I'd love to hear them!