Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Office

So they are are having this really cool give away at I heard about it on this awesome blog I've been reading occassionally, Org Junkie. She also does the Menu Planning Monday's.

So...If your office is picked as the messiest office you can win $10K!! Does it get better than that! Not when you have an office that looks like mine. Could I use that to finally organize my office? Definitely! But don't take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. You have to send in a picture or video to be considered so here is the video I took. Someday I will post after pictures of my office. Someday...if I win $10K.¤t=100_2369.flv

Let me know what you think!

Valentine's Day

A few Valentine's day photo's to share. We had quite a fun day! We made heart shaped fried eggs for breakfast. The boys thought they were so cool!

Then we went over to visit our friend's Sherry & Karyn and their kids over at Sherry's house. Sherry had sugar cookies and her kids had valentine cards for everyone! The boys had a blast and didn't want to leave.
Then for dinner we made heart shaped pizza's. One of the only things I know the boys will definitely eat. They are so funny!
And for desert we had heart shaped chocolate chip cookies! Yum!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

menu plan monday

I've been browsing the menu planning Monday links on Org. Junkie's blog for a few weeks now. I'm running a little late as we've been sick but I really wanted to partake this week. We so need to menu plan. We've been trying to cut our budget and have really cut out everything we can. We have also cut a ton out of our grocery bills so I am hoping by menu planning we can cut back even more to give us a little extra leeway in our budget.

A few things that we do to cut back on our grocery bill:

1. We belong to a local food coop. So we buy in bulk, which cuts our costs WAY down.
2. Garden (not now! But we save our produce by freezing or canning).
3. Raise our own poultry (turkeys & chickens and hopefully some Ducks and maybe a few pigs this year).
4. We also buy a lot of produce that we don't grown and save that (i.e. I have a hard time growning carrots and she sells her carrots for only $20 for 25 lbs).

This all really helps to cut down our grocery bill quite a bit.

There is a great article over at Heart of Wisdom about why you should meal plan. It was a great article! you menu plan. If so let me know and feel free to blog about it and share your link over at Org Junkie's blog.

Here's our menu:

  • Tuesday - Sausage & Spaghetti Pie (recipe found here but I plan to make some substitutions cottage cheese for ricotta, WW spaghetti, onions and peppers tossed in also, etc.)

  • Wednesday - Turkey Soup (using up the TON of leftover turkey breast from Monday night) and a nice homemade crusty bread.

  • Thursday - Valentine's Day!! Heart shaped pizza's (we usually put onions & spinach on our pizza's...and sometime sausage) and maybe some home made ice cream sandwich cookies for desert.

  • Friday - Turkey Fajita's (using up that Turkey breast again)

  • Saturday - Breakfast for dinner! Probably pancakes or maybe waffles! (I usually add pureed carrots or squash to any pancakes or waffles I make for added vegi's)

  • Sunday - Leftovers

  • Monday - Meatloaf, Baked Potatoes and Corn

Nothing all that interesting. We have laying hens so breakfast is usually eggs & wheat toast (or they can have yogurt and occassionally pancakes). We are planning to make some granola and muffins to have on hand for snacks along with cut carrots, apples, bananas and pretzels. We also just do a "plate of stuff" (a mismosh of stuff on a plate for them to pick and choose from) for lunch most days with an occassional PB&J or grilled cheese thrown in.

I'm off to grocery shop in just a bit so even though I was supposed to have this done yesterday at least it is done BEFORE the grocery shopping trip! :)

Have a great day!