Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Snow Pictures

Just wanted to share a few photo's out in the snow the other day. I realized as I was editing these that I didn't get ANY of Aiden. He was being so camera shy that day. Silly! Bennett was so gosh darn cute though. Just wanted to ride on the snowblower with daddy! Unfortunately the plow truck is not working right now so we have to snow blow everything! Takes a while. And we have another storm on the way for Sunday. Yahoo!

Here's Bennett & Daddy snowblowing around the chickens pen. You can see Abbey off in the distance there. She is absolutely LOVING the snow.
And lastly, I realized when I was out taking pictures that I haven't taken any pictures of the house since the roof was finished! It is all done. And we love it. I can't wait till all the siding is finshed & stained. It is going to look so nice!
Erik just found out about a very low interest loan (around 1-3%) that you can qualify for if your income is lower to make energy efficiency improvements on your home (i.e. windows & insulation) so we are hoping that we might qualify and be able to do some of the more major things that this home needs done. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Second Sunday in Advent

Just a few shots of Aiden lighting the candles for the second Sunday in advent. What a great job he did! Just needed a little help lining up the candles.
We had to move the wreath because we have been painting our gifts for people so we put it on a little side table for the time being. We also had to do it earlier because Erik had to work. He is off the next two Sunday so we will do it after dark again so we can start with the lights out. Aiden LOVED that the first week.
This has really been so much fun for him!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Hope for the Future

I read this article and was hopeful...maybe this will be the way of our future. I try to be optimystic. Check it out and be the change you wish to see in the world!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

BPA Everywhere

I've been trying to be more aware of what products I use that contain BPA (Bisphenol-A), which is an endocrine-disrupting hormone that is contained in so many things we use daily. Do a is kind of scary. But the most scary one I have found that I want to share with all of you parents out there (and those of you expecting) is that it is found in tons of baby products, including bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers & breast pumps. Take a look at this article for more info and links to lots of great information.

Thankfully we didn't use bottles with our boys...but we did use sippy cups and pacifiers. I also used a Medela Breast Pump so we were safe there also. We have been trying to replace most of our sippy cups but still have a few left and I will be trashing those after reading this and am hoping to find a substitute for Bennett is definitely not ready to give it up yet.

BPA is also in the lining of almost all canned foods out there along with a lot of other sources. Another great reason to BUY LOCAL or at least buy items that are in glass and not cans. You can look online...there are a few organic companies that do not have BPA in the linings but not even many organics do. Makes it tough.

And for those of you interested in doing more to green your life check out this great yahoo group.

Most of the people on this group are new to going green and are looking for ideas so lots of ideas being bounced around if you are looking for new ways yourself.