Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Snow Pictures

Just wanted to share a few photo's out in the snow the other day. I realized as I was editing these that I didn't get ANY of Aiden. He was being so camera shy that day. Silly! Bennett was so gosh darn cute though. Just wanted to ride on the snowblower with daddy! Unfortunately the plow truck is not working right now so we have to snow blow everything! Takes a while. And we have another storm on the way for Sunday. Yahoo!

Here's Bennett & Daddy snowblowing around the chickens pen. You can see Abbey off in the distance there. She is absolutely LOVING the snow.
And lastly, I realized when I was out taking pictures that I haven't taken any pictures of the house since the roof was finished! It is all done. And we love it. I can't wait till all the siding is finshed & stained. It is going to look so nice!
Erik just found out about a very low interest loan (around 1-3%) that you can qualify for if your income is lower to make energy efficiency improvements on your home (i.e. windows & insulation) so we are hoping that we might qualify and be able to do some of the more major things that this home needs done. Keep your fingers crossed for us.


john said...

So hey is that Bennett or his big bro in the first picture??
Can't tell from all the clothes.

We're catching up with you on snow amounts today. But I'm sure you're getting more up there too.

You can have it.

Love yas,
DAD(World's Greatest Papa)

Mom 2 To Boys said...

That's Bennett!