Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Pictures

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this but LOVED so much how it came out that I just couldn't wait. So...I wasn'tsupposed to be in the photo's...just Aiden & Bennett...but Bennett wasn't really interested in doing it on his own so I helped. We tried to keep me out of the photo's but when he started grabbing & ripping the letters I had to keep them further away. Aren't they just the cutest!

And Abbey had a matching shirt also. PJ's for the boys and Abbey came from Hannah Anderson's clearance sale last winter. Bennett & Aiden are wearing the same size as that was the only size they had left once these went on clearance. They are too cute those. Abbey was not thrilled by hers but she looked OH so cute.
And the boys just love her & she loves them. What a good little girl!

Tree Decorating & Visiting Santa

The base hosted a Christmas party yesterday afternoon. It was really nice actually! They gave out lots of little door prizes. Aiden got his very own flashlight and some playdough that I will probably replace with some homemade stuff (this stuff was made in china and while it is certfied non-toxic...I don't like to take that chance as playdough often goes in the mouth). We also got a few ornaments with the Maineiacs Logo on them...which are really cool! And Santa came!

This is the only photo we have of either of the boys even near Santa. We have two polaroids also but those were not much better. Aiden just didn't want to stop moving for a second to say hi to Santa and well...Bennett had your typical 18 month old child reaction. He cried! And sat there saying "No,No,No" the whole time. As you can tell from the Paci in his mouth he was VERY tired.

Other than that the party was enjoyed by them both.

And here is the only tree decorating photo we have. Aiden is just too busy. He put 1-2 ornaments on the tree and then went on to something else. So...not many pics of the decorating process as Erik and I were doing it all. LOL.

And here is a picture of the tree all decorated with the presents under it waiting for the boys to wake in the morning.

Our Christmas Tree Excursion

Here are a few photo's of us getting our tree this year. We for some strange reason decided to wait until AFTER the storm that dropped an additiona 12-18 inches on top of the almost 2 ft of snow we already had. So...only Erik and Abbey trudged through the snow to find our tree. Aiden has become entralled with picture taking. Every time the camera comes out he has to take a few pictures. This first photo was taken by Aiden. Not bad!

Here's Erik cutting down the selected tree. Next year we are hoping to start buying a living tree and planting it on our property. We are thinking about setting this one up in the yard and putting bird food, etc on it so that it gets used all winter before we put it in the compost pile (or we may also use to make fire starters).
Here are the boys and Abbey heading out of the tree lot.
And here is Aiden helping Erik drag the tree down to the barn to have it bagged and paid for!
And last but not least here are the Dow boys being silly as always!
Then we got to go inside and enjoy cider and donuts! What a way to end the day.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

More Snow Pictures

Just wanted to share a few photo's out in the snow the other day. I realized as I was editing these that I didn't get ANY of Aiden. He was being so camera shy that day. Silly! Bennett was so gosh darn cute though. Just wanted to ride on the snowblower with daddy! Unfortunately the plow truck is not working right now so we have to snow blow everything! Takes a while. And we have another storm on the way for Sunday. Yahoo!

Here's Bennett & Daddy snowblowing around the chickens pen. You can see Abbey off in the distance there. She is absolutely LOVING the snow.
And lastly, I realized when I was out taking pictures that I haven't taken any pictures of the house since the roof was finished! It is all done. And we love it. I can't wait till all the siding is finshed & stained. It is going to look so nice!
Erik just found out about a very low interest loan (around 1-3%) that you can qualify for if your income is lower to make energy efficiency improvements on your home (i.e. windows & insulation) so we are hoping that we might qualify and be able to do some of the more major things that this home needs done. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Second Sunday in Advent

Just a few shots of Aiden lighting the candles for the second Sunday in advent. What a great job he did! Just needed a little help lining up the candles.
We had to move the wreath because we have been painting our gifts for people so we put it on a little side table for the time being. We also had to do it earlier because Erik had to work. He is off the next two Sunday so we will do it after dark again so we can start with the lights out. Aiden LOVED that the first week.
This has really been so much fun for him!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Hope for the Future

I read this article and was hopeful...maybe this will be the way of our future. I try to be optimystic. Check it out and be the change you wish to see in the world!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

BPA Everywhere

I've been trying to be more aware of what products I use that contain BPA (Bisphenol-A), which is an endocrine-disrupting hormone that is contained in so many things we use daily. Do a is kind of scary. But the most scary one I have found that I want to share with all of you parents out there (and those of you expecting) is that it is found in tons of baby products, including bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers & breast pumps. Take a look at this article for more info and links to lots of great information.

Thankfully we didn't use bottles with our boys...but we did use sippy cups and pacifiers. I also used a Medela Breast Pump so we were safe there also. We have been trying to replace most of our sippy cups but still have a few left and I will be trashing those after reading this and am hoping to find a substitute for Bennett is definitely not ready to give it up yet.

BPA is also in the lining of almost all canned foods out there along with a lot of other sources. Another great reason to BUY LOCAL or at least buy items that are in glass and not cans. You can look online...there are a few organic companies that do not have BPA in the linings but not even many organics do. Makes it tough.

And for those of you interested in doing more to green your life check out this great yahoo group.

Most of the people on this group are new to going green and are looking for ideas so lots of ideas being bounced around if you are looking for new ways yourself.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Going Green we've already started to go green on a lot of things. But there are somany out there that have not. Just wanted to share a few things I've found recently that will hopefully convince lots of you that are not to go green now. Whether global warming is true or not reducing consumption (and in turn reducing waste) is important to the future of our planet. I mean check out this article about the floating island of TRASH that is TWICE THE SIZE OF TEXAS floating in the pacific. I really thought the person who told me about it was kidding and then I started searching online. They are not is really there.

We can change things though!

Check out this great video and website. It is 20 mins long but worth watching.

Talks about how the consumer system as it is can not last and things we need to do to change.

There are so many little changes we can make in our lives. Start with grocery shopping...something as little as bringing your own bags with you. Lots of stores even pay you to do it. But don't go out and buy new bags. Look probably have TONS of bags at home that you don't use that could be used for groceries. Or pick some up at a thrift store. And that is the next easy step to take...stop buying everything new. Shop at thrift stores, goodwill, salvation army, flea markets, and want ads for used items that you might need. They will be just as good, cheaper and wont have to reuse the resources needed to create the new product. And the last easy step I will recommend is recycling. Every town recycles at least cans, glass, some plastics and newspaper. So, recycle what you can! Reduce, reuse, recycle!!

And if you want more ideas let me know.

First Major Snow

Just wanted to share a few pictures from our first major snow storm. It started on Monday December 3rd and snowed all day Monday & Tuesday stopped for a while on Wednesday & then snowed again Wednesday night for a bit and then last night pretty heavy again for a few hours (got maybe another inch or so). In total we have close to 18-24 inches I would say. There is a LOT of snow on the ground. The unfortunate thing is it is not sticky at all and Aiden is desperate to make a snowman!

And here is a picture of our flock of Turkey's! This is an apple tree down at the bottom of the paddock that they congregate under daily. Lots of apples buried under the snow. Check out the few that are up in the tree!

St. Nicholas Day

We celebrated St. Nicholas Day on December 6th. The boys put out one of their shoes (they actually decided that they wanted to use their snow boots! LOL!) with the hope that St. Nick would leave them a small treat. I had wanted to put a little piece of chocolate that was wrapped in a santa wrapper but I forgot to get them. But we did have these really cute toys that we had bought for Christmas that we thought would be fun for them. Here is a link with more about St. Nicholas
The toy with the red tag on it is called a hooey stick. It's kind of funny and Aiden just LOVES it. We also got little wooden whistles for the boys and they both are enjoying those as well.

Bennett had to finish his banana before he could play with his toys!
And here is Aiden working his hooey stick. You can see his mouth and can tell he is saying hooey. It was so fun to do with the kids and even though there were only a few small gifts they were thrilled!


I've been using a lot of Waldorf inspired ideas with the boys recently. I just LOVE how they focus on nature and the reduce, reuse & recycle philosophy. One of the things they find important is celebrating different festivals and having strong family traditions. One of the traditions we decided to start this year was to celebrate Advent. We created this cute advent calendar using wrapping paper and string. Aiden gets to take off one per day and it had an activity that we will do that day. It might have a gift to go along with it (i.e we will give them their ornament on the day we decorate the tree,etc.) Aiden is loving it...although we haven't stuck with the activity of the day every day. Example yesterday was supposed to be a cookie baking day & we never got around to doing it because the errands we needed to run took longer than planned. We will keep at it. I also saw this Excellent idea on another blog to wrap up a Christmas/Winter title for each day of Advent and open one to read every day. LOVE IT!! And you can wrap old books but throw a few new titles in to the mix also. We are going to try this next year.

We are also doing the Advent calendar that Erik's mother gave us for the boys. I found a really cool book at the library that has one part of a story to be read every night of Advent. It's called the Advent Storybook, by Antonie Schneider. Aiden opens the window for the calendar for that day and then we read the corresponding part of the story. We then usually pick one other Christmas/Winter title to read before bed also.

We are also doing the Advent wreath. It looks so lovely on the kitchen table! As you will notice in the pictures I am short a candle. They only had 2 purple candles so I need to go pick up another purple candle today. If you want to learn more about Advent and the meaning behind the wreath and candle colors, etc. take a look at this website.

And here is Aiden lighting the first candle on December 2nd. You cannot tell from this photo (cause Erik used the flash) but we turned all the lights out in the dining room and I lit the candle for Aiden in the living room and we walked into a totally dark room and lit the candle on the table. We then said the following verse:
Winter is dark, yet each tiny spark, brightens the way, to Christmas Day.
Shine little light, and show us the way, to the bright light of Christmas Day.
It was really very lovely and the boys both enjoyed it.

We have many other plans to celebrate during the holiday season. It is a great way to really enjoy the meaning of the season instead of just focusing on the gift giving of Christmas day. We plan to adopt a family/child up here in the area so that will be part of our advent calendar activity and we also plan to make lots of hand made gifts for people so that will be in there as well. Stay tuned for future posts so that we can share our goings on!

Snowman Cupcakes

We were at the grocery store the other day and on the day old rack they had the most adorable snowman cupcakes. I wish I had thought to snap a shot of them before we ate them. Here are a few pictures of Bennett eating his. Don't you love how he has decided to put his face down to take bites instead of using his fork! LOL!!

Uncle Tim's Birthday Present

Uncle Tim ordered something called Tents & Tunnels for the boys for their birthdays back in July. Well, I guess it was really popular because it only came in just before Thanksgiving. So, we were able to pick it up while we were down for Thanksgiving. I set it up for the boys when we got home and they LOVED it. Had so much fun climbing through the tunnels. It didn't stay up for long as it takes up the ENTIRE living room. We are going to need to rotate out a few toys upstairs I think & possibly put it up up there. Here are a few pictures.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Too Funny!

For those of you who don't know we plan to homeschool and have received numerous silly comments from people when we share this. I can't say I've ever heard any of these but they are just too funny I had to post.

Check it out here:

Here are a few of my favorites:

"Won't they miss out on learning a lot of important stuff? I mean, how will they ever learn to stand in line?"

My neighbor was picking my brain about getting the public school to challenge her first grader. She was concerned because my first grader was already reading while her son of the same age was just learning thesounds of letters. Nonetheless she challenged my home schooling saying my son would still miss out. "It's important for him socially too. He needs to be offered drugs so he can turn them down."

When my husband told his mother that we were going to home school, she replied, "What makes Rose Mary think she has the right to teach my grandchildren?" Mike: It's in the same clause of the Constitution which gives grandmas the right to feed cookies and candy to the grandkids an hour before being sent home for dinner.

"Every kid has to get beat up a few times in public school or they won't be able to cope in the real world."

A friend said, "I could NEVER home school my children. I can't imagine spending that much time with them." She is a public schoolteacher.

Do people really listen to the things they say sometimes. LOL!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

It's been a while!'s been a while. There are a ton of pictures that I haven't been able to get on to share yet so I am just going to do so all in one post. The end of October and early November have been so busy. I've done 4 book fairs and 2 booth events and still have 3 more book fairs and 2 home parties in the next 3 weeks. UGH! So, between prep and putting in all the daily stuff like playing with my boys has kept me from blogging. But I am least for tonight. :-)

So to start off we have Bennett, our little apple theif. He loves to take the apples we have picked from our trees, take a few bites and then throw them to Abbey...who is an apple addict. Go figure. Never seen a dog eat so many apples. Plus they are fun to chase and we have so many apple trees that they are convenient to throw when there are no balls around. This is what I had left in the garage after all the picking we did from the trees on our property. It's lovely. We don't really do anything to our trees yet we always have a bountiful harvest of apples. With already about 30 jars of sauce in the cubboard and 4 more boxes still to deal with we definitely have plenty!

Next is our little man playing in the dryer. I know not so safe but Bennett had followed Erik into the bathroom and as soon as he emptied the dryer Bennett climbed in so he had to run and grab the camera. I was off at one of my Usborne events and he wanted me to see how funny Bennett was being! So, not too bad right! :-)

And I just want to say here...Thank goodness for Autosave on Blogger. I just accidentally deleted this whole thing and it saved most of what I had typed already. I was starting to panic there!
The weekend before Halloween we went on a Halloween train ride down in Unity. It was the boys first time on a train. They had so much fun. They got to dress up and everything...which was good because I forgot the camera on Halloween! So here are a few shots from the train ride.

Mr. Bennett...the cutest little pumpkin EVER!

And here is Aiden...our little Pirate!

These next few pictures are from last week. It had gotten down below freezing during the night so there was a frost on the ground and the sun doesn't hit the front of the house much this time of year so it was still pretty frosty. Erik had been putting away all the summer toys and lawn chairs, etc. and decided he might as well bring down the sleds. Aiden brought this around front and I thought to tie a rope to it and pull them around. THEY LOVED IT! I only pulled for a short while and then passed it off to daddy to do the hard work. :-)

Big brother had to help pull Bennett around. And Abbey didn't want to be left out either. She chased along after everyone. Good exercise for all involved.

Aiden gets his turn!
We are currently in the process of having our roof redone. We had a little leaking last winter and our roof is just shy of 20 yrs old so we figured now was the time to do it. Here is a shot of Tim (our roofer) working on the front side (everything else is done, including the breezeway) and Mr. Bennett tramping on the pieces of roofing! It is going to look so nice once it is finished! And especially once the shingling is done to. For those of you who don't know we had this terrible log siding on originally (still on the back and side that you cannot see in this picture. Those sides are scheduled to be finished next summer.). We are loving the shingles so far and are looking forward to the roof being done. We also just found out about a very low interest loan (around 1%) that you can get to improve the energy efficiency of your home in ME. It includes an energy audit and everything so we are going to look into that after the first of the year as we would like to reinsulate with a spray foam insulation and we also want to redo our windows and doors with ones that are more energy efficient. We will keep you all posted on how that goes!

And last but certainly not least here is Abbey loving on Bennett. You can't really see if but Bennett had ahold of both of her ears in this photo and she is just licking away at his face and as you can imagine...he is laughing hyterically!

So...sorry it took so long but here you go. I will try to stay more up to date in the future.
I may not be back until after the holiday as I have a bunch of orders that need to get in for Usborne and a ton of cooking and baking to do for Thanksgiving! We are headed to MA for Wed-Fri. case I am not on again...Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We all have so much to be thankful for!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


As I am sure many of you already know we are planning to homeschool our kids. So many people have very strong feelings about that decision. There are a few things that others have used as concerns when we mention we plan to homeschool. A big one is will they learn to socialize with others if they don't go to school. There is a great article in this months Home Educator's Family Times about how absurd that concern is. I've pasted a few exerpts below and have posted the link to the entire article at the end.

Having been a 'reader' for almost 2 years, I found the phonics and reading lessons to be incredibly boring. Luckily the girl behind me felt the same way, and when we were done with our silly little worksheets, we would chat back and forth. I’ve never known two 6 yr. olds who could maintain a quiet conversation, so naturally a ruler-carrying nun interrupted us with a few strong raps on our desk. We were both asked to stay in at recess, and sit quietly in our desks for the entire 25 minutes, because "We are not here to socialize, young ladies."
And I LOVE these examples of how common school practices would look in real life:

You’re applying for a job and in an unconventional hiring practice, you are made to line up with other applicants, and wait patiently while representatives from two competing companies take their pick from the lineup.

You’re taking your parents out for an anniversary dinner. After you find a table, a waiter tells you that seniors have a separate dining room, lest they ?corrupt? the younger members of society.

You go to the grocery store only to find that since you are 32 years old you must shop at the store for 32 year olds. It’s 8 miles away and they don’t sell meat because the manager is a vegetarian, but your birthday is coming up and soon you’ll be able to shop at the store for 33 yr. olds.

A very good point about bully's in school.

People often use the bully as an example of why it’s so important to let kids ?socialize? at school. If that’s so important, then the bully needs to go to JAIL after a few months, because self-respecting society simply doesn’t put up with that, nor should my 6 yr. old. Sure, there are crappy people in the world, but the world does a much better job of taking care of these things. A bullying brat in the first grade will still be a bullying brat in the 6th grade. He will still be picking on the same kids year after year after year, unless he moves to a new town. How long would the average adult put up with a bully? Personally, as an adult, I have only come across one grown up bully. I choose not to be around this miserable woman. So do many other people. THAT is real life. If she were a coworker, I would find a different job. If she worked at a business I patronized - not only would I refrain from doing business with that company, I would write a letter to the bully, her manager, the owner and the main office. A kid in a classroom has no way to emotionally protect themselves against such a person. I would never expect my kids to put up with bad treatment from a bully in the name of ?toughening them up.? For what? So they can be submissive wimps when they grow up too? So they can ?ignore? their miserable bosses and abusive spouses? In real life, if an employer discovered that an employee was harassing the other staff members, that employee could be fired (pending the 90 day evaluation) or relocated. In real life, if you are so dreadfully harassed by a coworker you can seek legal recourse independently. In a classroom, the teacher and other children are often powerless.

The idea of learning acceptable social skills in a school is as absurd to me as learning nutrition from a grocery store.

To read the entire article...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

"Yes, Yes, I Know She Is Quite Smart, But I Want to Know How Her Soul Is Developing"

Just wanted to share what I thought was an amazing article. And I love the title...we all worry so much about how smart our kids are...but how bout their soul. Are they happy, enjoying learning. Not so much I think.
Let children be children
Is your 5-year-old stressed out because so much is expected?

by Penelope H. Bevan

I was watching one of my second-grade girls try unsuccessfully to tie her shoes the other day, and I thought, "This is a person who is supposed to be learning plural possessives?" I think not.
We've just finished test time again in the schools of California. The mad frenzy of testing infects everyone from second grade through high school. Because of the rigors and threats of No Child Left Behind, schools are desperate to increase their scores. As the requirements become more stringent, we have completely lost sight of the children taking these tests.
For 30 years as a teacher of primary kids, I have operated on the Any Fool Can See principle. And any fool can see that the spread between what is developmentally appropriate for 7- and 8-year-old children and what is demanded of them on these tests is widening. A lot of what used to be in the first-grade curriculum is now taught in kindergarten. Is your 5-year-old stressed out? Perhaps this is why.
Primary-grade children have only the most tenuous grasp on how the world works. Having been alive only seven or eight years, they have not figured out that in California there is a definite wet and dry season. They live in high expectation that it will snow in the Bay Area in the winter. They reasonably conclude, based on their limited experience with words, that a thesaurus must be a dinosaur. When asked to name some of the planets after he heard the word Earth, one of my boys confidently replied, "Mars, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter and Canada!" to which a girl replied, "No, no, no, you gotta go way far outer than that."
Research has shown that it takes approximately 24 repetitions of a new concept to imprint on a young brain. The aforementioned plural possessives come up twice in the curriculum, yet they are supposed to know it when they see it. This is folly.
Currently, 2 1/2 uninterrupted hours are supposed to be devoted to language arts and reading every morning. I ask you, what adult could sustain an interest in one subject for that long? Yet the two reading series adopted by the state for elementary education require that much time be devoted to reading in the expectation that the scores will shoot up eventually. Show me a 7-year-old who has that kind of concentration. Show me a 64-year-old teacher who has it. Not I.
The result of this has been a decline in math scores at our school, because the emphasis is on getting them to read and there isn't enough time to fit in a proper curriculum. Early math education should rely heavily on messing about with concrete materials of measurements, mass, volume and length, and discovering basic principles through play.
There is no time for this. The teaching of art is all but a subversive activity. Teachers whisper, "I taught art today!" as if they would be reported to the Reading Police for stealing time from the reading curriculum, which is what they did.
It is also First Communion time in second grade. Yes, I teach in a public school, but First Communion happens in second grade, and it is a big deal, the subject of much discussion in the classroom. The children are excited.
A few months back one of my girls exclaimed, "Jeez, I have a lot to do after school today, Teacher. I gotta do my homework, go to baseball practice and get baptized." I laughed to myself at the priorities of this little to-do list, so symbolic of the life of one second-grader. But there was a much larger issue here. What is happening to their souls? You may ask, what business it is of the schools what is happening to the souls of these little children?
I will tell you. Any fool can see that those setting the standards for testing of primary-grade children haven't been around any actual children in a long time. The difference between what one can reasonably expect an 8-year-old to know and what is merely a party trick grows exponentially on these state tests.
Meanwhile, children who know they are bright and can read well are proved wrong time and again because of the structure of these tests. Teachers spend inordinate amounts of time trying to teach the children to be careful of the quirky tricks of the tests when they should be simply teaching how to get on in the world.
Twenty years ago, I had a conference with a parent, a Sikh, whose child was brilliant. I was prepared to show him all her academic work, but he brushed it aside and said, "Yes, yes, I know she is quite smart, but I want to know how her soul is developing."
The present emphasis on testing and test scores is sucking the soul out of the primary school experience for both teachers and children. So much time is spent on testing and measuring reading speed that the children are losing the joy that comes but once in their lifetime, the happy messiness of paint, clay, Tinkertoys and jumping rope, the quiet discovery of a shiny new book of interest to them, the wonders of a magnifying glass. The teachers around them, under constant pressure to raise those test scores, radiate urgency and pressure. Their smiles are grim. They are not enjoying their jobs.
Our children need parents and teachers who, like Hamlet, know a hawk from a hand saw, who know foolishness when they see it and are strong enough to defend these small souls from the onslaught of escalating developmentally inappropriate claptrap. The great unspoken secret of primary school is that a lot of what is going on is arrant nonsense, and it's getting worse. Any fool can see.
(end of article)
Jun 17, 2007 at 11:16 PM in Education News & Issues
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Aiden's Horse Show

So, I just almost wrote how Aiden was in his first horse show yesterday...but it is not his first. He was in his first horse show when he was a little older than Bennett is now. I was still pregnant so he was less than two years old! time flies.

Aiden had such a blast yesterday! He rode of Kris' horses over at Stepping Stone in Carmel. What a good little girl Annie was. I didn't want to trailer over a horse and then have Aiden decide he didn't really want to ride. So we borrowed a horse!

Aiden enjoyed his show. What a big boy he was helping us catch Annie in the field, leading her into her stall, brushing her, carrying her tack and then leading her around. He wasn't too into it when it was time to untack, brush and put her back outside so I had to take care of all that but that's OK. I enjoyed every minute of it.

These first pictures are of Aiden in the halter class, where you just lead the horse around and the horse is judge by confirmation, etc. They just gave all three of the little ones in the class a blue ribbon. Here is Aiden collecting his blue ribbon! Annie wasn't quite ready to leave and Aiden wasn't was too funny.

Here is Aiden with his blue ribbon from Halter class on the saddle. He was such a good rider! He gets to ride here & there when we are out doing barn chores, etc. (probably more than me lately!) but not a ton. He was sitting nice and tall, keeping his feet in his stirrups. One of the girls even told him how to post during the trot so he was standing up and sitting down in his stirrups for the rest of the time in saddle. It was too funny! But we didn't even have to hold onto him at all.

We asked Andy (one of Kris' granddaughter's) to lead Annie during the lead line class. You have to trot so I wanted to make sure I could grab him if he started to slip. But he did GREAT! He was laughing the whole time. And he also kept singing this cute little song. Not sure where he got it from.
"Riding the reins, Riding the reins, Lets GO! Riding the reins, YAHOO!"

Over and over and over and over. He had everyone in stiches!

And Bennett...well he enjoyed the whole thing from the back pack as you can see. One of the best $15 I ever spent let me tell you! He actually almost fell out of it. He fell asleep part way through the morning and started to slough down. Next thing I know I reached up to check where he was and his whole little bum is hanging out the leg hole. Had to have someone help me get him out as I was afraid he would fall out as I took it off. My crazy boys!

All in all it was a very fun, while utterly exhuasting day. Kris' also let me set up a display of my books and I sold a few and got a few people who were interested in having a party. So, we also stayed ALL day. Ugh...When I told Aiden we had to go home he got really upset and told me he was going to stay at Kris' forever. And Kris would probably love to have him too! LOL.