Sunday, October 14, 2007

Aiden's Horse Show

So, I just almost wrote how Aiden was in his first horse show yesterday...but it is not his first. He was in his first horse show when he was a little older than Bennett is now. I was still pregnant so he was less than two years old! time flies.

Aiden had such a blast yesterday! He rode of Kris' horses over at Stepping Stone in Carmel. What a good little girl Annie was. I didn't want to trailer over a horse and then have Aiden decide he didn't really want to ride. So we borrowed a horse!

Aiden enjoyed his show. What a big boy he was helping us catch Annie in the field, leading her into her stall, brushing her, carrying her tack and then leading her around. He wasn't too into it when it was time to untack, brush and put her back outside so I had to take care of all that but that's OK. I enjoyed every minute of it.

These first pictures are of Aiden in the halter class, where you just lead the horse around and the horse is judge by confirmation, etc. They just gave all three of the little ones in the class a blue ribbon. Here is Aiden collecting his blue ribbon! Annie wasn't quite ready to leave and Aiden wasn't was too funny.

Here is Aiden with his blue ribbon from Halter class on the saddle. He was such a good rider! He gets to ride here & there when we are out doing barn chores, etc. (probably more than me lately!) but not a ton. He was sitting nice and tall, keeping his feet in his stirrups. One of the girls even told him how to post during the trot so he was standing up and sitting down in his stirrups for the rest of the time in saddle. It was too funny! But we didn't even have to hold onto him at all.

We asked Andy (one of Kris' granddaughter's) to lead Annie during the lead line class. You have to trot so I wanted to make sure I could grab him if he started to slip. But he did GREAT! He was laughing the whole time. And he also kept singing this cute little song. Not sure where he got it from.
"Riding the reins, Riding the reins, Lets GO! Riding the reins, YAHOO!"

Over and over and over and over. He had everyone in stiches!

And Bennett...well he enjoyed the whole thing from the back pack as you can see. One of the best $15 I ever spent let me tell you! He actually almost fell out of it. He fell asleep part way through the morning and started to slough down. Next thing I know I reached up to check where he was and his whole little bum is hanging out the leg hole. Had to have someone help me get him out as I was afraid he would fall out as I took it off. My crazy boys!

All in all it was a very fun, while utterly exhuasting day. Kris' also let me set up a display of my books and I sold a few and got a few people who were interested in having a party. So, we also stayed ALL day. Ugh...When I told Aiden we had to go home he got really upset and told me he was going to stay at Kris' forever. And Kris would probably love to have him too! LOL.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aiden,

Congrats, you're doing such a great job with your horse back riding.Love your blue ribbon. Keep up the good work.

Lots of love, Immy

Anonymous said...


I saw your pictures on Mommy's blog.

I am so proud of you!!

You are a very good horse back rider!

Do Pirates ride horses??

If they do, you will be the best one ever.

I love you bunches.

Tell Bennett I said Hi, and I love him, too.

Hugs and kisses, Nani