Saturday, December 8, 2007

Going Green we've already started to go green on a lot of things. But there are somany out there that have not. Just wanted to share a few things I've found recently that will hopefully convince lots of you that are not to go green now. Whether global warming is true or not reducing consumption (and in turn reducing waste) is important to the future of our planet. I mean check out this article about the floating island of TRASH that is TWICE THE SIZE OF TEXAS floating in the pacific. I really thought the person who told me about it was kidding and then I started searching online. They are not is really there.

We can change things though!

Check out this great video and website. It is 20 mins long but worth watching.

Talks about how the consumer system as it is can not last and things we need to do to change.

There are so many little changes we can make in our lives. Start with grocery shopping...something as little as bringing your own bags with you. Lots of stores even pay you to do it. But don't go out and buy new bags. Look probably have TONS of bags at home that you don't use that could be used for groceries. Or pick some up at a thrift store. And that is the next easy step to take...stop buying everything new. Shop at thrift stores, goodwill, salvation army, flea markets, and want ads for used items that you might need. They will be just as good, cheaper and wont have to reuse the resources needed to create the new product. And the last easy step I will recommend is recycling. Every town recycles at least cans, glass, some plastics and newspaper. So, recycle what you can! Reduce, reuse, recycle!!

And if you want more ideas let me know.