Monday, May 12, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

I slacked on the menu again last week. We didn't make quite a few of the recipes in the plan, including the breakfast cookie recipe or the Mother's Day Muffin's from Heavenly Homemakers. I am hoping to try both of these again. At least the breakfast cookies. I am also going to try to write out my menu plan and hang it in the kitchen so I can actually see it more often.

A few of the things from last week will be carried over to this week. This is also a slightly crazy week as I have a booth scheduled from 9am-9pm on Friday and a Doctor's appointment on Wednesday night. So those will be easy nights. Maybe something in the crockpot...

Tuesday - Cheesy Beef & Rice thanks to Heavenly Homemakers. Try again from last week.

Wednesday - Pasta and sauce

Thursday - Roast a Whole Turkey still in the freezer from last season.

Friday - The Spud Special Soup thanks to Keeper of the Home

Saturday - Arroz Con Pollo with leftover Turkey instead of chicken.

Sunday - Pizza on the Grill

Have a great week everyone! Pray that I can keep to my plan better this week!!


Maggie said...

Thanks for the heads up on the arrozcon pollo, it looks like just what I am looking for!