Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My Little Pirate

Aiden has been a total pirate addict lately. It is too funny. I am not quite sure what brought it on but it is here. So, I just recently earned $100 in free books from Usborne (one of the many perks of selling their books is getting some for my commission!). We bought just about every pirate book that I thought Aiden would like from our catalog. And they are too cool! The see inside the pirate ship with lift the flaps, pirate jigsaw book and the Pirate things to make & do are favorites. We have plans to make all kinds of things from the Pirate Things to Make & Do book in preparation for halloween. :)

Well, we stopped into Walmart on Monday to pick up some poster board and of course all the halloween isle are right up front and low & behold what is on the very end of one of those isle for a Pirate loving 3 yr old to see as we walk by...a pirate hat and kit with the patch and hook. And when he brought it over and I saw that it was only $ could I say no. When we got home he wanted to wear everything so I put the eye patch on (which didn't stay on for long) and he was walking around say, "Arrrr I'm pirate Aiden." It was the cutest thing in the world!! He even did it for Erik when he came home from work.

What an imagination this little boy has. He is just so much fun!!


Anonymous said...

Tell Aiden to save Nani some jewels when he finds his treasure!!!

Do pirates still get kisses from their Nani?


Anonymous said...

I miss my baby!! He's is soooo freakin cute!!
Love Auntie