Friday, January 25, 2008

Home Made Items

I just wanted to post a few pictures of some things I've made for Bennett recently. They are nothing amazing but are just too cute.
The hat and mittens are from wool sweaters I have been able to purchase VERY cheaply at thrift type stores. The hat was actually a collar of a turtle neck sweater that was cashmere. The gloves are from the sleeve (and the rest of the body of the sweater I used to make gloves for Gram for christmas). The are super soft and I just love them. They look so cute on Bennett. As you can see the gloves are not perfect. I cut them by eye and then sewed them so nothing to intricate but they work!

The are wool longies (as they call them in the cloth diaper world). They are sleeves from a wool sweater I got at a thrift store also (for about $1). I threw them into a hot water wash and felted them up and then cut off the sleeves and sewed them into pants for Bennett. Look at how cute he is in them!!
I have not sewed a waistband into them yet and am not sure if I will. Now I just need some fitted diapers to go underneath and I wont need a cover when he wears these! I have over a dozen sweaters that I've collected that I need to make into something so I plan to make more of these along with some soakers. I need to make hat and mittens for Aiden also and some socks for Erik.
A little blurry but the only photo I have of him in the hat. He is just too cute!!


Silverstah said...

Wow, everything looks great, Heather! :) I *love* recycling wool sweaters - go you! :)