Monday, February 25, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

Time for another Menu Planning Monday! I am really enjoying doing this and it really keeps me on track during the week.

So, I am going to be working at changing our diets a little. For those of you who do not know Bennett had eczema when he was just a little thing (4-5 months old). He was still solely nursing so we decided to keep him nursing for a few more months and try to take things in & out of my diet to see what might be causing it. After a few weeks of trying 1-2 things and having his eczema get worse & worse I decided to just go cold turkey on everything that might be affecting him. So...instead of telling you what I couldn't bought what I could. Rice, Fruits (except citrus), Vegi's, Turkey & Chicken. was a fun 2-3 months let me tell you.

Now...the plus side of this was I did lose ALL (plus some) of the weight gained during my pregnancy.

Long story short, the eczema cleared up, I added everything back and nothing seems to be bothering Bennett now. Weird! But since adding everything back I have also added back about 10 lbs! My naturopath also mentioned that if I wanted to stay on that diet permanently (adding back Eggs) that would be fine with her. While I do not plan to go back on the diet completely I do thing we would all be much healthier if we tried to cut out as much diary & wheat products as we can.

With that said for snacks I am going to make sure to have lots of fresh fruits and vegi's on hand. I also plan to start picking up rice crackers again (excellent with a little sunflower butter). We will stop getting pretzels and try to cut out loaves of bread (we've been going through at least 2 loaves a week plus all the bagels & english muffins, is crazy how much bread we eat). We have also been drinking WAY too much juice instead of water. No more juice for us!

I pulled out two cookbooks this morning that I plan on trying to pull our recipes from.

I've also been scanning the blogs of others that have already posted their menu's looking for more healthy recipes. Wish us luck!

Tuesday - Pasta & Meatballs

Wednesday - Pioneer Women's Pot Roast (hat tip to Sarah at Sarah's Musings for this recipe...LOVE IT!!)

Thursday - Pizza night (WW Pizza crust with lots of vegi's)

Friday - Flank Steak Sandwichs and Tomato Soup (Thanks to Simple Mom for the Soup idea!)

Saturday - Breakfast for Dinner (I'm thinking a Quiche - This one from Broad Horizons sounds yummy, and it's crustless!!)

Sunday - Baked Potato Soup (Thanks to Margaret's Musings for the recipe idea)

Monday - Shepard's Pie (Thanks to Passionate Homemaking for the recipe)

And I definitely want to try this Baked Oatmeal dish (hat tip to A Day in The Life for the recipe)for breakfast one of the mornings this week. It sounds fab!

I am also going to try out these crackers posted at The Nourishing Gourmet. They sound great and I have to bought crackers are so expensive but my kids love them! She also recommends a book, Nourishing Traditions that I think I will try to get a copy from at the library to check out. Might be worth getting.

For all of our recipes I do lots of substitutions. I usually substitute any milk called for with Rice Milk. I also substitute vegi broth for a meat broth. I also substitute sweetners and use honey or maple syrup for sugar and I usually 1/2 the sweetner called for. A friend of mine also suggested substituting tofu for cheese in baked recipes like Quiche. I think I might try it.


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

I'm just now starting to buckle down and eat better. I bought Tofu and Mochi at the store yesterday. I mean, a year ago, I'd have run screaming from the store if someone told me to buy those things!

Silverstah said...

Ooooh, yummy yummy! I'm definitely trying the oatmeal bake this weekend, and I'll be making that pot roast next time roasts are on sale. Yay!