Sunday, September 9, 2007

Family Day

Today was family day on the base. And the boys had a total blast. Aiden got to sit in the cock pit of a KC135 and "drive the plane." For the rest of the day he was "steering his plane around." It was too cute. They had a lot of great activites and it all took place right on the tarmack, which was too cool! They had a bounce house and I couldn't hold Aiden no trauma from yesterday's bounce house mishap. They also had TONS of clowns. And the clowns were making balloon things. Hats, animals, weapons, etc. They had lots of food and lots of free give aways.

But the highlight for Aiden were the planes. He LOVED "driving" the planes and they had a number of planes to go on. Unfortunately I only have these two in the KC135. We put the camera away after that so didn't have it when he went on the other 3 planes (smaller ones). Maybe we will have a pilot on our hands!
Then the boys and I went grocery shopping. Aiden is just getting so grown up. He doesn't want to be in the carriage anymore (which is good cause there wouldn't be much room for Bennett & the groceries). He helped with the shopping (grabbing lots of things we didn't need...LOL) and putting all the groceries up on the checkout for me. He's getting to be such a big help!
All in all it was a fun day!


Nani said...

Tell the boys they shouldn't stick their head out the window when they're flying a plane. They could get a duck in their eye or something!!!!!!