Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hi there,

Just wanted to share this great site with you all. Read the poem Hello World as it scrolls on the homepage. This was shared on one of the radical unschooling lists that I am a member of. Radical Unschooling you's one of the ways people look at children. It's about respecting your children as individual people and treating them in a respectful way...just like you would treat other people, friends, family, etc. Next time you make a statement to your kids, think about how it would sound and the other person would feel if you made that same statement to your friend or your husband. Treat your children respectfully and they will grow up to be beautiful, honest, respectful people. To learn more check out my favorite links. I'm not quite there yet but that is my daily goal. One of my favorites, Learning in Freedom, shares this quote on her site:

"All of the people we admire and teach our children to admire - the history makers, the world changers - have been rebels, & they accepted that sometimes that meant being an outsider."

Something to think about...