Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Menu Planning Monday...on Tuesday

Sorry! It was a long day yesterday and I ended up not getting on to put up my menu. So...I am going to be trying out the monthly menu planning to try to reduce the number of shopping trips I need to make...but seeing as it is mid-March I am going to start with a 2 week plan and then do a month plan for April. So...no Menu Plan from me next week...but we are trying out a few new recipes so I will post on Monday how those went. So...without further ado her is the menu.

Monday - WAS a boiled dinner. I forgot the cabbage but we had corned beef with carrots & potatoes. We don't cook beef roasts often because you can't really get them organic around here but it was yummy!

Tuesday - Porkchops & applesauce (I have a few jars of sauce left from fall canning so I figured might as well get them used up) with vegi's (probably corn to please my hubby)

Wednesday - Fried Rice, recipe thanks to Passionate Homemaker. We will use the leftover pork in it also.
Thursday - Homemade Pizza (lots of onion & spinach...and maybe a little sausage for hubby :) for Erik & I...just Cheese for the boys)
We are also having some of the moms and little ones from church over to celebrate SPRING so I will be baking some yummy looking strawberry merguine cookies. I found the recipe online but didn't keep the link. I will try to remember to post the recipe and pics once I bake them. We will also be doing some crafts. I will try to post photos of all later this week.
Friday - My BIRTHDAY!! I'm not sharing how old though. LOL. Hot Cross Buns for Breakfast and Rice Jumble for dinner. (Dinner needs to be quick and easy as we are attending a Last Supper performance at our church and then I will hopefully be going out with a friend to celebrate both our birthdays with some bowling or something).
Saturday - My parents are up but only until early Sunday so we are going to do a Roast for lunch on Saturday with them. Erik & I are going out Saturday night so dinner will be something easy for my parents.
Sunday - Erik & I are going to leave the boys with my Mom & Dad and go to Sunrise services at the church. I haven't figured out breakfast yet. I am thinking either a quiche or baked french toast. Maybe both!! Then we will have a Turkey for dinner.
Monday - Rice & Bean Burritos, recipe thanks to Keeper of the Home. Between her and Passionate Homemaker I don't need any cookbooks!!
Tuesday - Turkey Quesadillas (using up leftover turkey from Sunday)
Wednesday - Hamburgers (we haven't had them in FOREVER...will make hubby so happy!)
Thursday - Homemade Pizza
Friday - Fried Rice
Saturday - Turkey Soup
Sunday - Leftovers (we will be at a church potluck that afternoon/early evening so need something simple)
I am also going to try to squeeze in a baking day sometime soon. Maybe on Friday afternoon. I'd really like to try soaking my grains that Lindsay talks about at Passionate Homemakers.
I will keep you all posted on how this goes!