Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Baby Borrowers

I could not believe this when I saw it. Are we seriously going to give real live babies to teenagers in the hopes of keeping them from getting pregnant???

Please take a minute to visit the Official Show Site on NBC's website. Please also take a moment to read the letter that Jan Hunt of the Natural Child Project has written to NBC.

It is one thing to have them care for older children, who you can explain the reason behind why they are going but to put infants and toddlers who only understand they have been taken away from their parents...there is something wrong there. To quote Jan's letter to NBC:

Babies do not have the mental capacity to anticipate the return of a mother who has gone; they cannot use imagination or project into the future. Research consistently shows that babies separated from their mothers have skyrocketing cortisol levels. This is neurotoxic, damaging brain tissue in the prefrontal lobe areas that regulate emotion, leading to a lifetime vulnerability. When cortisol is produced due to emotional stress, the next stressful experience creates an even larger surge of cortisol. By the time a stressed child reaches adulthood, he is likely to overreact to all stressful situations, making it harder to cope with life's challenges. For all hese reasons, babies and young children should be kept as stress-free as possible, to protect their future psychological and physical health.

This is the wrong thing to do for these children. Reality TV is getting worse and worse every day with the risks they are taking with peoples lives. Sad... fellow bloggers. If you agree that this is detrimental to children please blog about this show and share your outrage that the treatment of our children has come to this...all for the sake of entertainment!


Anonymous said...

um... that is kind of a disturbing reality show. I could think of some "good" third graders to lend them that will make them NEVER want to have children. Just kidding of course, I do really think that sounds like bad idea as bad as Wife Swap which I find equally disturbing.