Sunday, March 23, 2008

Scary Day Thursday

Thursday actually started off great! We had a few of the families from church with little ones over to play. We had a lot of fun! My meringue's were a no pictures. I had never made them before so didn't realize that you definitely need parchment paper. Oh well. We live & learn.

After everyone left we were all just hanging out and relaxing, including our dog, Abbey. After about an hour she woke up and tried to stand u. She couldn't and started flaying all around. She finally fell to the floor and had a seizure. We rushed her quickly to the vet and were told she has a seizure disorder and need to keep her on medication for the rest of her life.

It was a pretty scary thing but we are a little concerned about her medication. We take a pretty natural approach to things like this so we are looking for some alternatives to the drug they want us to keep her on. If anyone has had any experience with that we would love some input.

We are actually going to take her in to see our chiropractor in a few weeks and I plan to call our holistic vet on Monday. So, we will see what they all say. But if you have any advice please share.

Happy Easter!