Friday, May 23, 2008

Frugal Fridays - Cutting Hair

I think I have already mentioned that things are going to get a little more tight in our budget starting in September so we've been looking at ways that we can cut things out of our budget. One of the smaller things in our budget that really adds up over the year is getting hair cuts. Because Erik is in the military he needs to have his hair cut pretty regularly (usually every 4 weeks). And then the boys are usually every 6-8 weeks. At a cost of $10 each per cut even if we estimate on the low end that is around $240 a year and could be as much as $300-$360!

So, I purchased this Wahl Clipper set:

But I didn't pay for it with cash. I am a member of MyPoints and I used my points to purchase an Amazon gift card that covered the cost of this. So...I got the clippers for free and I will probably save at least $200-300 per year.

I clipped the boys hair yesterday. Here are a few before and after photo's:

First Bennett before...
And after! His was a little easier than Aiden. Bennett has very fine hair that all grows straight. Aiden however has thicker hair with all kinds of cowlicks!

Not too bad for my first try!

And they are shirtless because the wouldn't keep on the bib to keep the hair off and both were so itchy!

And here's Aiden before...

And after!

I am pretty proud of my hair cutting skills! As tough as Aiden's came out pretty good!

My frugal friday tip for you...first join mypoints to earn lots of free points! And then go and get yourself a set of clippers (especially if you have boys) and cut their hair yourself!

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Laura said...

You did great!! I've been cutting my boy's hair forever, and it has saved us TONS! I just started cutting my husbands hair too...I had to get brave enough to try it...and it turned out great! I love being able to save like that!!

Heather said...

I have always cut my husband's and children's hair (started cutting his when were were first dating.:)) I can't imagine paying for a haircut for them--seems silly. In fact I usually cut my own (lot so mirrors.)It is very worth it.

Anonymous said...

Bribery is okay during haircuts! Put on a favorite video and cut while they watch it. Then give lollypops out afterwards. It will make it go much smoother and they will look forward to haircuts.

Anonymous said...

way to support the local economy ..Darcey- AKA heather's hair dresser.