Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday - The Garden!

The office and the clothes are coming. I got more things organized and into the closet in the office and all of Bennett's clothes sorted and put into his bureau.

Our major tackle this past week though was our garden. We were finally able to borrow a tiller and get things tilled up. Erik finished cutting trees to edge our raised beds and we moved a bunch of horse manure from our barn to the beds and dug it into the top soil. It now looks like this!

I said to Erik, "Wow...it actually looks like we know what we are doing!" LOL. We are getting there. Seeds are all in and I will pick up my seedlings from one of the local farms down the road in a few weeks. I do still need to pick up seeds for carrots and peas (not sure how I forgot those) but everything else is in.

Our next tackle...wood for fireplace this winter, compost bins, painting the house, replacing windows, reside back and side of the house, finish work in basement, refence pasture...it just never ends!! We will work on something from the above list (along with the continued work on the office and the clothes).

To check out other tackles take a look at 5minutesformom.com.



Anonymous said...

great tackle!

Hadias said...

What a great tackle. Gardening is a chore but very rewarding. Stop by my blog to check out pictures of what's growing in my garden and some tackles that I was able to get done.

How long have you been growing veggies?

Katie said...

Your beds look absolutely fabulous! Nice job!

Kristin said...

That looks like an awesome garden, and yes it does look like you know what you are doing!

Anonymous said...

Hey I think some of this earthy crunchy stuff is rubbing off on me. I planted my own herbs. Only thing is that the basil is the only one that is growing. :-(