Friday, May 30, 2008

Frugal Friday - Erik's New Motorcycle

With the price of gas going up and up we have been trying to think of ways to help us save on gas. About 2 months ago Erik had the opportunity to buy a used motorcycle from a friend of his that was upgrading. He has always wanted a motorcycle. His friend wanted very little money for the bike and it was in great running condition.

With the much better MPG on the motorcycle it will save us quite a bit on gas with him traveling about 50-60 miles round trip to work every day. It also means that I will be able to use his car for around town use (i.e. grocery store, library, etc.) instead of my van (MPG in the van is about 20 vrs 30+ in Erik's Escort). We can still use the van for trips that we take Abbey with us (hard to squeeze 4 people and a 50 lb lab in an Escort).

And best of all Erik gets to enjoy owning his first motorcycle! I can't wait for him to take me for a ride.

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BarbaraLee said...

Is the insurance a little more w/the cycles? I know the gas is great.

Mom 2 To Boys said...

Nope! It was just a little over $100 for the year to add his motorcycle to our insurance. Definitely worth it!

Bethany said...

We are so hoping to be able to do this as well. My hubby travels for work...and he takes a MINIVAN!!

I'm hoping we can find a good deal on a used cycle soon!

Have fun with it!

Donielle said...

We just got a moped over the weekend! yay! My hubby used to have a motorcyle and sold it when the kiddo was born, and a moped was just cheaper for us. Still goes 55 miles per hour though, and you can't beat 80 miles a gallon. Here's to a summer with great riding weather!

Silverstah said...

How AWESOME! I ride a motorcycle as well, since I have a 50-60 mile round trip commute three days a week. It totally saves on gas mileage, plus it's a fun way to commute. :)

His bike looks like it's a newer version of the one my friend Bill has - they're sturdy little bikes, it'll last him YEARS. :) Good choice!