Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Garden Tour

This is my first time doing the Sunday garden tour. I thought I would start you all off with lots of pictures of what I have going on around our property. Just to give you a brief history we live on about 15 acres in rural Maine and are slowly moving our way into homesteading. Trying to live as sustainably as we can.
This is my oldest...Aiden. Isn't he just the cutest. This is one of the random gardens we have hanging around our property. The people who were here before us planted TONS of perennials so that has helped our gardens. We've put some things in but most if from them.

To start off I need help. Any idea what this is? I have it all over one of my small garden beds and I have no idea what it is.

Or this for that matter. I LOVE the color of it though. It is just so pretty but I would love to plant more.

To start you off here is one of my favorites! The bearded Iris'. I LOVE them. Especially the color of them. I am hoping to get more. I have a few people we will be getting cuttings from this year of a number of perennials and hope to get more iris'.

Next is my lilac bush. I really LOVE lilacs and wish I had more bushes. I see so many lovely lilac bushes and we have this one little one.

Oh and I finally have some lupine's coming back consistently! Erik mowed down some of them a few years ago and I've been trying to reestablish them since. These are all purple, and I just bought some seeds for red lupines. I really hope I can get those going!
This is the small garden next to our garage. There are hosta's, peonies & day lilies.

Some seedlings coming up in my new kitchen herb garden.
This is a rose bush that I planted in my kitchen herb garden. I had thought it was dead. After I planted it, the leaves all turned brown. And just yesterday I noticed the green leaves popping out under the dead leaves. I'm so excited now.
And our lovely rhubarb!

And a one of our peonies. My other favorite flower!
Some sedum.

And lastly...our bee balm.
Stop by A Wrung Sponge for more Garden Tours! And stop back in next Sunday to see what's popping up in my garden!



Heather said...

Milkweed. Not sure about the second one. The milkweed is great as a draw for butterflies.

Donielle said...

First one - yup, looks like milkweed, just pull it.

We used to play with it as kids and break them open to see the white 'milk'!

Second one - no idea also. sorry!

and 15 acres! I'm so jealous. We just sold our house on 5 acres last summer for a house in better condition but only on one acre. Hoping the economy comes around one of these days and we can work on our own homestead!

Cloudscome said...

LOL I guessed milkweed too. I love it in the fields but not so much in the garden. The second one I recognize but can't bring up the name right now...

Your little guy sure is a cutie!! I bet he loves your farm. I look forward to seeing more of your garden. Thanks for joining the tour!

Anonymous said...

You should show them your veggie gardens, their fabulous!!!!

Love Mom

Anonymous said...

Pull the milkweed out of some spots, but you can plant it in other spots to attract butterflies. I move it out of the flower beds, and vegetable garden, but let it grow along the edges of the property. Monarchs love it!