Sunday, June 1, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

Last week I promised to take more pictures of what we are eating and guess what...I forgot again. We did make the whole Turkey. It came out beautiful! And I forgot to take a picture of it. Ugh! I will keep trying to remember that. We have TONS of leftovers though. I forgot how big those last two birds were. The one we ended up cooking was 26 lbs!!! Turkey will definitely be on the menu in the coming week.

I did remember to take pictures of a few things for you but I plan to share those in other posts this week so check back in later.

This is a pretty low key week for us but Erik is working nights all week so I am thinking about getting my kids an early snack and trying to have our main meal at around 2-3pm after Erik gets up for the night. We will see.

We are also planning to try this donut recipe (but I think I might try to bake them instead of frying them) and this cookie recipe (I will use all whole grain flour...maybe spelt instead of the white flour). I've been promising to bake cookies with the boys for a while now and it hasn't happened.

On to the menu.

Monday - Fried Rice (with Turkey and vegi's). I love the recipe from Passionate Homemaker.

Tuesday - Asparagus Quiche. I love the crust recipe from Nourishing Traditions so will probably do that again. Lots of vegi's, lots of cheese and maybe some breakfast sausage instead of bacon this time. YUM!

Wednesday - Sloppy Joe's (I will probably double...maybe even triple this batch so I can put some in the freezer). We have homemade buns to eat them on and will have some sort of vegi on the side with it.

Thursday - Breakfast for Dinner

Friday - Pizza on the Grill

Saturday - Rice jumble (promise to take a picture this time!)

Sunday - Goat Roast (trying yet again...I forgot to take it out to defrost yesterday so didn't get to have it today!)

What's on your menu this week? Share with us over at!


Laura said...

Wow...goat!! Sounds great! Hope you enjoy the donuts!

Vanessa said...

Pizza on the grill is the best!