Monday, July 7, 2008

My 100th Post...sort of

I know...I've been MIA for a few weeks now. Spring is a crazy time for us here on our small farm. I decided to take a blogging break to focus on getting the garden in and some of the other outdoor things that need to be done. With it being light so late we could work outside late into the day and I wasn't much up to blogging after a long day working hard in the sun. I will still be posting sporadically on here as there is much to do still. Plus Erik is on vacation from July 14th until August! We wont be doing much traveling but hope to do a day trip or two to the beach and have tons to get accomplished around the house!

On to my 100th post...why sort of...because I realized just now that my last post was technically my 100th post!! I knew it was coming up but hadn't been paying to much attention. Without further ado here are 100 things about me!

  1. I am a wife to Erik
  2. my best friend
  3. we dated in highschool
  4. and had a not so nice break up
  5. then got back together during college
  6. the rest is they say
  7. and a mom to 2 boys
  8. Aiden
  9. & Bennett
  10. I LOVE boys
  11. but we would love to have a little girl
  12. we plan to have at least one more child
  13. and maybe even 2
  14. or MORE (teehee)
  15. I am a homemaker
  16. I LOVE being at home
  17. I'm not a nature homemaker
  18. but am learning slowly but surely
  19. I'm a pretty decent cook
  20. and baker
  21. but no so good in the cleaning
  22. and organizing departments
  23. Trying harder here
  24. We live on a small farm
  25. in a small town in central Maine
  26. We currently have 40+ chickens
  27. about 25 of those will be for eating
  28. in about a week
  29. we have 11 turkeys
  30. (also for eating in about 2 months)
  31. 2 horses
  32. (not for eating...LOL)
  33. 1 dog
  34. & 3 cats
  35. My favorite past times are horseback riding
  36. and reading books
  37. those of course come after spending time with my family
  38. that's why lately I don't seem to do much of either of those
  39. My horses are both Mustangs
  40. Wild caught in Neveda when young
  41. I didn't adopt them though
  42. I bought them from someone who did
  43. And I love them dearly!
  44. As do my 2 boys
  45. I would love to do more farming
  46. We have 15 acres
  47. (and are trying to buy about 10 more)
  48. I'd like to have a Dairy cow
  49. Raise sheep
  50. and goats
  51. along with the chickens
  52. I want to be a grass farmer!
  53. We have a good size garden
  54. I am new to gardening
  55. But actually seem to look like I know what I am doing finally!
  56. Our garden is doing well this year
  57. I love to hang laundry on the line
  58. It is a very relaxing activity
  59. I have been a waitress
  60. a tutor
  61. a cashier
  62. a pizza maker
  63. an operations supervisor
  64. and a call center rep
  65. in past employment lives
  66. I hope to NEVER have to work again
  67. I was very ambitous in my previous employment
  68. but I was happy to leave
  69. And now just want to be a homemaker
  70. helper to my husband
  71. and mother to my children
  72. I plan to homeschool my children
  73. I love the ideas behind the unschooling lifestyle
  74. And plan to unschool my kids
  75. am still working on becoming a more peaceful parent though
  76. we don't spank
  77. but am not as "peaceful" in my parenting style as I would like to be
  78. Like everything else a work in progress
  79. I thoroughly believe in attachment parenting!
  80. We coslept
  81. breast fed beyond a year
  82. allowed both boys to self wean
  83. (a little earlier than I would have liked them to!)
  84. baby wear
  85. Both boys were born naturally
  86. and Bennett was born at home
  87. I am hopeful that I will never have to birth in a hospital again!
  88. I used to be a musician
  89. ( was highschool!)
  90. I played the flute
  91. and percusian instruments
  92. I am hoping to learn to play piano
  93. (I sort of know how but want to be able to play with both hands and work the feet pedals)
  94. I LOVE music
  95. And hope my children will enjoy playing instruments also
  96. I am trying to be more frugal
  97. I am blessed with some of the most amazing friends
  98. That are helping me in my walk as a new Christian
  99. I am thankful for my many blessings every day.
  100. GOD IS SO GOOD!


~Babychaser~ said...

What a lovely way to tell more about yourself! :) Thanks for sharing!