Saturday, February 23, 2008

Two New Handmade Items

So, here are a few projects that I've been working on that I finally finished! The first picture is a cape that I made for our Godson, Nelson. He just turned 4. He and his Mom & Dad (our friends Marge & Rob) came up to visit this past Monday so we gave him his birthday presents. We were all sick for his birthday party. I was so excited by how much he liked it and am hoping he is still enjoying it as much. I was pleased by how it came out, especially seeing as I cut it out free hand. It is some material that I picked up on sale at Joanne's on sale after halloween and I backed it with a black felt so that it is reversable. I was going to put velcro or a button at the neck but the tabs came out a little longer than I planned so it is able to be tied. Worked out well!

Now, this I am just LOVING!! I saw this idea on a few other blogs. Here is one at Jendi's Journal. And here is another at Alexi Hangbags. When I saw this idea for the first time I couldn't believe I had never thought of that! Then I started searching online and found tons of ideas. I just cut the legs off and sewed up the bottom. It took me a little while to decide how to do the strap. I looked around for something premade that I could use and then saw an idea online about cutting 3 narrow strips from the legs of the jeans and braiding them. I decided that would probably be the easiest and the cheapest! And it worked beatifully. I didn't even hem them so that they would fray and add to the character a little. You can see the strap a little better in the below photo.
I picked up the piece of material that I strung through the belt loops at Walmart in the $1/yard stuff. I only bought a yard & this is only about an 8th of it.
So, if anyone wants me to make one or help them make one of their own let me know. Or if you are planning on throwing out some old jeans put them aside for me and I'll make a handbag out of them for someone else!
I still need to put some sort of closure on it so it doesn't hang open making me easy pickings for some pick pocket. But other than that I plan to put it to use right away!


Silverstah said...

Oh, that purse is just TOO cute for words! :)

Capes are the *best presents* for kids. I've done them for all of our nieces/nephews when they're about 3-5 years old, and I've been told that they get played with all the time. :) It's stuff like that that we hang onto as well - I still have a quilt my aunt made for me when I was 4 or 5 years old. It's so worn that it doesn't get used much, but I still adore it. :)