Monday, March 3, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

Well...I'm going to be a little easier on myself this week. I had planned to try a few new recipes & barely stuck to my menu at all (honestly I think only 2 maybe 3 of the days...ugh!). For this week I think a few tried and true recipes are going to be best for us. We are having lots of visitors this week and I have a meeting Thursday night so we will probably do Pizza night again on Thursday. I also didn't get a chance to try the baked oatmeal (but will probably do that on one of Erik's days off as he LOVES oatmeal) or the crackers.

So, for this week I plan to also start a plan for breakfast. Just certain days for certain foods and will repeat the same every week. I am also going to try to do more of my baking monthly. I've been doing a lot of reading about the monthly baking plan at Passionate Homemaking. I also like her ideas about soaking grains. I am going to try to get a copy of Nourishing Traditions, which she mentioned a few times. I'm going to try to read a little more on that and maybe try it out. Might pick up some Kefir when shopping tomorrow just to see how it works.

I also like the idea of planning a consistent breakfast because we are trying to establish more rhythm at home and this will give the kids a way to distinguish the days. I am thinking I will even make up a little chart to designate the days and what is for breakfast...although my drawing abilities are not the greatest!

Without further ado, here is the plan for breakfast:

Monday - Egg meal (eggs & toast, egg sandwich, scrambled eggs, etc.)
Tuesday - Pancakes
Wednesday - Oatmeal
Thursday- Smoothie, Muffin
Friday - Special breakfast (french toast, quiche, waffles, etc.)
Saturday - Yogurt & Granola
Sunday - Egg meal

I am also thinking about a plan for lunch although we really have a lot less options as my kids will only eat so much. My thoughts for lunch:

Monday - Yogurt & Granola, Fruit
Tuesday - PB&J (homemade bread and sunflower seed butter)
Wednesday - Grilled Cheese, Fruit
Thursday - Plate of stuff
Friday- PB&J, Fruit
Saturday - Grilled Cheese, Fruit
Sunday - Plate of Stuff

And lastly here is the dinner plan:

Tuesday - Sloppy Joes
Wednesday - Going to retry doing the Shepards Pie that definitely isn't being done tonight!
Thursday - Homemade pizza
Friday - Beef Ribs in the slow cooker, mashed potatoes & corn
Saturday - Rice Jumble (rice with peppers & onions, a little sausage & some pasta sauce)
Sunday - Leftovers
Monday - Quesadillas

Last week I did make the pot roast and it was excellent! I even had seconds. I'm thinking about subscribing to Pioneer Women's blog to keep up with recipes! Also a hit were the meatballs. We substituted cottage cheese for Ricotta and they were still Fab!

Have a great week and make sure to check out more menus at Org Junkie's blog!


Sarah said...

Looks like a great menu and a great week! I made Shepherd's Pie this weekend and enjoyed the leftovers for lunch today - it is a short term leftover in my house! :) I am excited to cook the Pioneer Woman's Pot Roast for the second time at the end of the week - it is to die for! - every time I see Chuck Roast for sale I have to buy a nice big one to put in my freezer for the next time I crave it! I am also trying out one of her soups this Friday.

Have a great week!