Saturday, March 8, 2008

Vaccines Cause Autism or Do they...

As many of you know we are a non-vaxing family. We did a lot of research on this and had a number of reasons for making that choice. One of the main reason was the demonstrated lack of safety of the vaccines vrs the probability of our children contracting one of the illnesses protected by vaccination. This past week a number of articles have come out making me feel a little better about the choices I made. Check them out.

The first article titled U.S. Government Concedes Vaccines Cause Autism available at Here is a quote from this article:

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the federal agency that oversees the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), recently conceded the first vaccine-autism case.

This concession shows the dishonesty of the continual media spin coming from ublic health officials and others who maintain there is no evidence that Thimerosal, or any other part of any vaccine, has ever caused autism or, for that matter, has armed anyone in any way.

The facts are that the Vaccine Compensation Act has already compensated over 2,000 individuals who proved that they were harmed by vaccines, resulting in ettlements of nearly two billion dollars.

Additionally, hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific/medical articles from some the orld’s best universities have long implicated Thimerosal in vaccines as a causal actor in neurodevelopmental disorders including autism.

Furthermore, in 2003, the U.S. House of Representatives’ Government Reform ommittee, after a 3.5-year investigation, concluded that Thimerosal caused the autism epidemic and that the FDA and health authorities were guilty of “institutional malfeasance” in covering it up.

Here is another spin on this same situation. This one from the CNN website. Titled Case renews debate on vaccine-autism link this article is a little more reserved about the findings in the case. Here is a quote from this article:

Government health officials have conceded that childhood vaccines worsened a rare, underlying disorder that ultimately led to autism-like symptoms in a Georgia girl, and that she should be paid from a federal vaccine-injury fund.

Thousands of families are seeking compensation for disabilities they attribute to vaccines and a preservative.

Medical and legal experts say the narrow wording and circumstances probably ake the case an exception -- not a precedent for thousands of other pending claims.

I guess we will have to wait and see what kind of outcome this brings to vaccine safety research.