Tuesday, April 22, 2008

In Celebration of Earth Day

So...I am way behind on this one. Earth day was last Tuesday after all. But I still wanted to share. We have really been trying to reduce, reuse & recycle more these last few years. Not only to help the planet but also to keep our home as healthy for our family as possible. So...here are some of the things we have done:

#1 - We hang our clothes on a clothes line as much as we possibly can! Not only does this save energy, it saves money.
#2 - I forgot to take a picture of this one but we use cloth diapers for our littlest one...and hang them to drive!

#3 - We compost! Pretty pitiful compost heap huh. We are going to be doing some work on it this summer...hopefully! We will see.

#4 - We farm. We raise chicken's for meat and eggs and turkey's for meat also. We also have a garden...which I do not have a picture of either...not this time of year.

#5 - We use all organic and natural products for cleaning.

#6 - We use the cold cycle for all our washing.

# 7 - We are doing a bunch of improvements to our home to cut the cost to heat it. New siding, new insulation,etc.

#8 - We use programable thermastat and keep it set to 60 degrees during the day and 50 degrees overnight.

#9 - We try to purchase as many organic products we can. This is from the sheets on our bed.

#10 - We recycle! Our town doesn't recycle much but Erik is starting to take misc. paper to work with him and we are going to try to recycle other things in Bangor regularly. We also donate a lot of things instead of throwing it away and use freecycle as well.

#11 - We buy in bulk. We are part of a food buying coop and are able to reduce packaging by buying in bulk. It also reduces our food costs!

#12 - Again, we buy as much as we can...including our food...organic. We also buy as much as we can locally. Cuts down on the use of fuels to trasport the items when you buy local. The local organic farm that I buy from sells most of her produce cheaper than conventional products at the store sell for.

There it all is. I know there is more...oh...like breastfeeding. And I am sure I will remember more later. So...let me know what you do to stay green.