Monday, April 28, 2008

Menu Planning Monday

Lasts weeks menu definitely did not go as planned. I decided to not write out my menu plans and to just check in on my blog for that days menu in the morning. Didn't work out so well for me. I know I need to write these things down and put them in a prominent place. We also had a few things going on in the evenings that I forgot about, which made meal time a little more difficult to deal with.

We really didn't do much from the menu other than the cheese pasta. And that was quite yummy! We all loved it. I took rice pasta, a little homemade cheese sauce, a can of salmon and a little brocolli still in the freeze from last season and TADA! It was perfect. Everyone devoured it...except Aiden...but he doesn't eat anything!

And we also did the Arroz Con Pollo over at from mommy's kitchen. That was tonight. It was absolutely fabulous! Definitely something to add to our favorite recipe list.

And I am thinking we will try to make some of these cookies because they had surplus chocolate chips with the last coop order so I took them. Tomorrow is going to be a rainy day so a good day to make cookies with the boys.

On to our menu:

B - Smoothies & Muffins
L - Egg Salad (Chicken Salad for me as I don't like Egg Salad)
D - Hamburgers

B - Eggs & Toast
L - Grilled Cheese
D - Grilled Steak, Corn & Potatoes

B - French Toast
L - PB&J
D - Goat Roast, Brocolli & Rice

B - Oatmeal
L - Egg Salad
D - Quiche (that we didn't do last week)

B - Eggs & Toast
L - Grilled Cheese
D - Pizza

B - Oatmeal
L - Plate of Stuff
D - Leftovers

Not much new this week. We have a crazy week ahead so we are going to keep things a little easy.

Have a great week!!