Friday, May 2, 2008

Your Picture Could be Worth $1000!

Mothers Day 2008 - Giveaway Event

Over at they are hosting a bloggy photo contest that could win someone a $1000 American Express gift card! That would be absolutely amazing for us right now so I am definitely in.

I did have a very hard time picking out a photo that tells a story about what motherhood means to me. I have so many pictures that could work but I think this one is probably the best.

Why do you ask...well because I think this picture demonstrates those moments when you just need to let your kids live. My practical side was telling me that I should really take that hammer away from them...before someone gets bashed in the head. But my gut was telling me that they were just fine. They were taking turns hitting the nail with the hammer and doing quite an impressive job at it. As parents, we are just here as a guide. We are hear to help them as they need us on this journey that is THEIR life. I think as parents we often lose sight that it is their life even when they are little and we are just a tour guide providing them with support, love and guidance. As a mom I try to instill a natural sense of curiosity and an attitude that "I can do anything." And we try to let our kids do as much as they want (safely of course).

So, what does motherhood mean to me? It means being there, as much as I can and finding love in every moment of every day.

Now I will ask you, what does motherhood mean to you? Share with me either in the comments or on your own blog and if you can share a photo and post your like at to try to win that $1000 visa GC.